vivo v15 pro With Three Cameras

Unleash the photographer in you with the Vivo V15 Pro phone. It comes loaded with a spectacularly powerful triple camera system and a beautiful 16 MP camera flash to help you snap flaunting-worthy images, day or night long. Its dual-engine fast charging feature will not call it a night either, even after you have used it for several hours. This is one quality smartphone that can go from business to leisure effortlessly.

Features and Design The visual treat you get from the video v15 for is just amazing. With a stunning 2.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive display, it is so vivid you won’t need the aid of an expert to recognize a thing from a afar. You can easily use it in both portrait mode and landscape mode with ease and fluidity. The large, high definition pixels ensure bright pictures even in low light condition. Even the low light mode supports luminous colours, so you can enjoy good pictures even in dimly lit places.

High End Performance The vivo v15 who has a vivo v15 pro high-end camera that gives it the capacity to take a number of shots and compress them into a single file. This means you can save more on storage space. With a nine megapixel primary camera and dual twelve megapixel back cameras, you are bound to get excellent picture taking performance. The built-in image stabilization system ensures that your pictures come out clear and are well protected from facial distortions and blur. And because it has a wide-angle lens, you can shoot in any direction and still get good results.

Fast Charge Time You will be delighted to find a Quickcharge battery with the vivo v15 pro. This enables you to charge your phone using the same cable you use to connect it to the rear camera. This makes it quick to enjoy your shooting time. You no longer have to wait for hours for your camera to charge when you need to catch a moving scene. The built-in battery also offers fast charge times so you can enjoy imaging sessions even on the run.

Wireless Functionality The rear panel of this handy phone features a standard headphone jack which connects it to the stereo headphones found on the front. The front double LED flash with dual infrared illuminators offers bright outdoor lighting for normal use. The iControl software facilitates controls over video, sound, and photo settings. The powerful hands free technology offers you hands free operation of the vivo v15 pro’s multiple functions through the usage of its touch-sensitive back panel. This also supports Bluetooth for uploading information or connecting with other handheld devices. The front, triple camera module also offers an automatic picture uploading function.

High-Resolution Imaging Stills This compact sized camera offers you superior quality imaging performance. The vivo v15 pro offers images in such a way that it takes you to the target of the image. You can enjoy the benefits of a high resolution, clear, and easy to handle front and rear cameras with varying focal lengths. It also offers you three cameras – standard one, a pop-up camera, and the Depth perception camera that provide clearer images.