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Vizzywig 8HD in the Press

Vizzywig 8HD turns your Apple Watch into a recording control room

"It's definitely an interesting, if not insane, concept that perfectly matches Vizzywig 8HD's insane app. Don't get us wrong, genius is often times mistaken for insanity, and this Apple Watch extension could very well be a stroke of genius as well. It definitely stretches the limits of what you can comfortably do on a smartwatch." – JC Torres

Vizzywig 8HD for Apple Watch lets you control video recording from your wrist

"The app also lets you view recorded footage and photos from your gallery, GoPro, or Dropbox albums with just a tap on the watch. You can evenchoose a soundtrack for the video, dictate a title and subtitle, all from your wrist." – Maura

Vizzywig 8HD - Video Editor and 4K Film Production Studio

"Capture, edit and share life's moments in minutes with 8 times the resolution, 8 times the quality? Bigger is better… more is more! Why decide between capturing HD video or snapping high resolution photos? Use this revolutionary new app and do both at the same time!"

Check out sommem of the most expensive iOS apps in the U.S.

"Some apps have dropped in price and while they still seem high priced, compared to how much they used to cost you might consider these a bargain. One such app, Vizzywig 8HD , has dropped from $999.99 to $99.99. This is a video editing app that promises to capture video on your Apple iPhone 6 at eight times the resolution of the phone's camera. For $199.99, G-Map U.S. West will give you vocal turn-by-turn navigation without a Wi-Fi or internet connection. Here is a hint, HERE Maps does the same for free.

21 of the most expensive iPhone and iPad apps in the world

" Vizzywig 8HD is a video editing app that claims it can capture video footage at eight times the resolution of your standard iPhone 6 camera. Paying $100 for an app might sound expensive, but that's quite a markdown from Vizzywig's original price of $1,000 in September."

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